Astrophobos – Corpus (Album Review)

Stockholm’s Astrophobos return with their third full-length release, Corpus is not only the Swedish trio’s new album but is also part of a larger multimedia art project.

Delivered in its native tongue Corpus is not just a great Black Metal album.

It is a terrific Black Metal album that is enticing and horrifying.

From the 18 second vocal tirade that is the opening to Corpus, Astrophobos delve completely and utterly in the darkness and deliver a mid-paced attack that loses none of its power and intensity over the duration of the record. Some artists claim to be Lovecraftian but Astrphpbos invoke the unearthly spirits so completely it is tangible on first listen. They use this to move and evolve to the inevitably of life and its decay. Corpus is Dynamic and involving, the fury is not tempered by melody but uses it to literally hammer their purpose and intent.

‘’Utrotning’’(extermination),’’ Svarta” (Blackness) ‘’Liktal’’ (Funeral Sermon) are more moments of great primordial Black metal greatness, lurking powerful passages that emerge from the darkness, to taunt and terrify. Astrophobos take all the elements of mid 90s Black metal and take it to its zenith one that is memorable and lingers long after the initial first assault.

Corpus is a collaboration where sculpture, photography, and music combine. On November 12th the full project is revealed, with artists Lisa Wallert and Morgan Norman. Intelligent, dignified yet utterly brutal Corpus is compelling and inspired, and barbaric.

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Release Year: 2021
Label: Triumvirate Records
Category: Album
Country: Sweden

Reviewed by Sparky