Empyreal Sorrow – Harm(ony) Within (EP Review)

Bavaria’s Empyreal Sorrow follows up last year’s debut album Praey with and with a four-track EP full of the band’s trademark fury and emotion.

Harm(ony) Within is the band’s next logical step in this German Five piece’s development, heavily influenced by the Swedish Death Metal sound it also pursues that more modern metal crunch to create music that teeters on the edge of chaos with nothing to lose and no anger spared.

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Guest vocalist LizKiller Queen from Archetype X adds to the Mayhem of the killer track “Heartfelt Disease’’, both artists a part of the Cult of Sorrow that points its anger at organized religion and mass media, Empyreal Sorrow promotes individualism with catchy riffs and melodic thunderous vocals, it’s energetic, fast-paced and everything is big, the vocals, the breakdowns, the anger.

Only 3 new tracks on offer here, track 4 Night Re-Armoured LXEKR Remix makes all the appropriate squiggly post-industrial sounds with a large pounding 4/4 beat. Short sharp and intense Harm(ony) Within is a hate-filled progression that takes a far darker turn whilst maintaining a strong sense of melody.

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Empyreal Sorrow: Facebook

Release Year: 2021
Label: self-released
Category: EP
Country: Germany

Reviewed by Sparky