Craving – At Dawn (Album Review)

Craving - At Dawn

Craving is a band from Germany that do not hold back their power. Craving can only be described in one word “Brutal.” Craving’s album At Dawn shows different varieties of music which certainly not only impressed me but also had me saying WOW.

When the album starts off you may think, wow this is brutal but the one thing I have not mentioned yet is their traditional folk music transitions within their music. Craving transition very well between Black metal/Death Metal but when they change into folk it really shows their uniqueness and talent.
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Craving definitely stays true to their metal roots as they are very tight and the harsh vocals definitely will want you to scream your throat out.
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The Folk music is played very well, with beautiful acoustic and clean vocals. Craving’s mixture of music really does hold its own, for example, Track 4 In Die Nacht hinein, is my stand out track from the album and it has different styles of music Black/Death/Folk and some deadly guitar solos, there is also some great keyboard work in this track.

Overall this album is definitely one that deserves a listen, it will either have you banging your head or reaching for your tankard and singing along, maybe that’s why they called themselves Craving as they make you want more. The album takes you on a journey and the beauty of listening to it the first time is you do not know what is coming next. WELL DONE BOYS!!! Live casino games are really common right now, live dealer roulette especially. Games from this category can be found on most modern casino sites. Experts working at this website have written an article about live dealer casinos and explained their crucial aspects.

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Release Year: 2013
Label: Apostasy Records
Category: Album
Country: Germany

Reviewed by Brent Logan