Beckon – Beckon (EP Review)

Beckon - Beckon

Glasgow, the largest city in Scotland – Many great musical artists hail from this city and many have left their mark on this world in many ways.

I received a 3 song demo/EP of Beckon, a 5 piece outfit, about a week ago and have had them on rotation in my ‘new artists’ playlist since. Three songs are normally not enough (for me) to decide whether I like a band or not. Despite that, this band has managed to produce a great EP and it’s quite impressive.

Beckon has been busy writing and recording their Debut EP, having to go through a lineup addition late last year with a vocalist, Paul Kelly joining the ranks, and killing it in the lungs department! This bloke sports a nice shrieking death growl, but also belts out some decent soprano notes too, as demonstrated in ‘Filth Ape’ second track on the EP.

The guitars sound big in this recording, played by Mark Chorely, although they leave the bass guitar drowned out, almost not being heard in the mix at all… Saying that the intro to ‘Another’ has a Bass intro, (played by Lee Hutchinson) was a great way to draw me into the opening of the EP and this kept me listening. I particularly like the drums in this band, played by Michael Brogan. The double kick pounded through the verses and all the well-executed chops in between. If you’re a drummer, you’ll definitely appreciate this band.

If you are well versed in metal genres and metal bands you can hear the many influences they have drawn on and what Beckon strives to be. What they do, they do it well.. As far as my metal music tastes go, beckon has satisfied my palate, and I’m ready for seconds.

I eagerly await to hear a full release from these lads and see what other goods they can bring to the table. Often bands, tend to evolve their sound with time and experience. This is not a bad thing because as evolving creatures ourselves we tend to expect this, I know I do.. I anticipate great things from Beckon and hope they are in the process of writing a full album.

Beckon: N/A

Release Year: 2013
Label: self-released
Category: EP
Country: UK

Reviewer: Scott Waddington