Aussie doom metal band Wildeornes release second single ‘Under Oak’ off upcoming album


Wildeornes release Under Oak – an epic slab of blackened doom metal – as their second official single from the upcoming album “…On the Earth, Under the Sky” due for 30 April 2023 release. At nearly 10 minutes long, Under Oak isn’t a conventional single for promotional purposes; it’s a clarion call to pull up the beanbag and immerse yourself in the experience.

In the band’s own words: “while we have a broad concept for each album, we don’t set out to write one type of song or another, we just write and demo and edit, rinse and repeat. However, as with many heavy bands, the spectre of Iommi is never far away. Each album always seems to end up with at least one unapologetic tribute to Iommi and more broadly the UK 70s heavy rock scene, and with Under Oak, we let our love of melodic epic doom metal run rampant. We couldn’t be happier with the end result”.

Wildeornes (pronounced wilderness) formed in 2009 as a recording duo. They explore the overlap of epic black metal, atmospheric doom, and epic traditional heavy metal. Rather than chase a genre, they chase a broad and dynamic sound that harks back to the classic albums from Sabbath and Priest, where an album will have slow, fast, loud, and quiet. Wildeornes play black’n’doomy heavy metal for fans of Bathory, Mastodon,Candlemass, and Enslaved.

Wildeornes duo Damien Vennell and Richard H. Hammond have been playing together in live bands since the 90s; first in Ballarat hardcore and grind bands Without A Reason (WAR) and Peanut, and later in seminal Aussie stoner doom outfit DownRiver. They both have a body of individual works that span from psychedelic ambient doom through to crying-in-your-beer honky tonk.

Wildeornes is a true collaboration where composition, song structure, and lyrics are shared between the two creators. Their album credits include the Wildeornes collective; the body of people that support and enhance the Wildeornes aesthetic, including live players, contributors, and colleagues from other bands.



Wildeornes - On the Earth Under the Sky