Australian Premiere: JUNKYARD DRIVE – Released new lyric video “Mama”

Junkyard Drive releases a new single and lyric video “Mama” on the 24th of April 2020.

Since Junkyard Drive came home from their EU-tour with Eclipse, they have been dying to write some new material. The Danish rockers are well known for their good time rock n’ roll, but this time, things have become more serious, dark and melancholic.

“Mama” is a tragic story, about a young man dealing with his sorrow and anger, after the loss of his mother.

Lead singer Kris Johansen says: “Everyone knows the feeling of losing a family member or a close friend, and it is so difficult to just hold on and live your life, when the feeling of emptiness is taking over.”

Heavy rotation on myROCK (Bauer Media).

Kris – Lead Vocal
Ben – Right Wing Axe & Backup Vocal
Claus – Drums & Cowbell
Mikkel – Bass