Australian Premiere: THE BROKEN BEATS – Released new video Close Your Eyes”

BUT the naughty boy in the class has also had to come to adulthood sooner or later, and life unfolds in all its facets with love as an everyday task. We, him, I had not fully foreseen how life was endless, we would be forever young. Close Your Eyes and Dream away, it will never be as good as it is now! 

“Close your Eyes”, is about the small moment when happiness occurs and you try to stop time in order to maintain the intoxication.  “Close Your Eyes” is a song written by Kim Munk from The Broken Beats and is about understanding that it is all about right now, right here. In a moment, it’s all over, so be sure to enjoy it while you can. A job is good, but you can always think of something else.

The Broken Beats are back with their unforgettable and easy-going sound of Whirling Power Pop. Dreamy, spherical and quite sentimental.  The band, with singer, guitarist and songwriter Kim Munk in front, has had no less than 56 members over time. Among other things, The Broken Beats is known for fantastic live concerts (among other things played in slow motion) and the radio hits “Essentials” and “The Rules”. 

The Broken Beats have returned now and this time they turned up the simplicity of the swirling complex and made the music a focused delight for the ear.  With reality at stake and eternity right in the background, The Broken Beats is back with an awful lot to say, both where it does good and where it hurts.