Australian Premiere: TRANSPORT LEAGUE – Released Me, The Cursed” lyric video


Time for a new TRANSPORT LEAGUE video, taken from their eagerly awaited upcoming new studio album. “Me The Cursed” is a tormented song, with a structure not-so-usual in the TL camp. However, the progression of the song, the first lines, where a “cursed” Jelencovich speaks his battered mind like ever before, all set a path to one of the heaviest riffs on the Swedes’ career. And it’s BIG!

”Me The Cursed” is a reflection of the daily struggles in life”, Tony Julien Jelencovich, Transport League vocalist and guitarist, comments. “All the boundaries that you endure, all the choices that you make, stain your mind & soul in a good or a bad way. You might be torn, you might be tattered, but you are still standing and you are always cursed”.

Music: Tony Jelencovich & Transport League

Arrangements: Transport League

Lyrics: Tony Jelencovich

Video by: Alfiearg

Line up:
Tony Julien Jelencovich: vocals, guitar
Peter Hunyadi: lead guitar
Dennis Österdal: bass
Mattias Starander: drums

Transport League: Facebook