AUSTRIAN DEATH MACHINE Drops New Music Video “Don’t Be Lazy”

AUSTRIAN DEATH MACHINE 1After nearly 10 years of absence, the world’s most brutal band recently muscled their way back into the scene with a brand new single, “No Pain No Gain”, while teasing an upcoming new album. Today, AUSTRIAN DEATH MACHINE, the unmissable project helmed by As I Lay Dying frontman Tim Lambesis, is thrilled to finally announce their first new album in a decade, “Quad Brutal” scheduled for release on February 23, 2024 via Napalm Records. Featuring 10 tracks of heavyweight thrash-infused extremity and sprint-worthy speed, Quad Brutal will instantly have listeners coming back for more – ready for endless reps and skipping nothing (except maybe leg day). In historic AUSTRIAN DEATH MACHINE fashion, Quad Brutal is supported by a slew of guests on each track – in addition to vocal contributions from Dany Lambesis (HELLBØRN), tracks on Quad Brutal are supercharged by professional bodybuilders and vocalists Craig Golias and Rob Bailey, vocalist Ricky Hoover (Ov Sulfur, ex-Suffokate), guitar virtuosos Angel Vivaldi, Clayton King, Brandon Richter (Bleeding Through), Joey Alarcon (Wolves at the Gate, Born Through Fire) and more. Oh, and Ahhnold himself, of course!

Check out a taste of what’s to come on Quad Brutal now with another brand new single, “Don’t Be Lazy”, out today alongside a muscle-bound music video. Once again featuring guest vocals from pro-bodybuilder Craig Golias, the death-meets-metalcore burner explodes with colossal strength – beckoning all gym bros to pull their weight and give their all… or else!

Watch their official video here:

Austrian Death Machine QB


1. No Pain No Gain (feat. Craig Golias, Angel Vivaldi)
2. Conquer (feat. HELLBØRN, Clayton King)
3. Hey Bro Can You Spot Me? (feat. Craig Golias, Alarcon)
4. Judgment Day (feat. Ov Sulfur)
5. Everybody Pities The Weak (feat. HELLBØRN)
6. Don’t Be Lazy (feat. Craig Golias)
7. Get Down (feat. Craig Golias)
8. Destroy The Machines (feat. Dany Lambesis)
9. MeatGrinder (feat. HELLBØRN)
10. I Never Quit (feat. Kill ROB Bailey, Craig Golias, Bleeding Through)