DEIMLER – Immortalized (Album Review)

Release Date: November 25th 2023 - Awakening Records

DEIMLER – Immortalized

From Its origins in 1998 and demise in 2001 without any recorded material, Pako Deimler (Guitars, Vocals) resurrected Spain’s Deimler in 2018 with the intent to create pure death metal of the highest calibre. After the debut of A Thousand Suns in 2020 they have returned with their concept album Immortalized.

Based around the “Alien the 8th Passenger” focusing on Ellen Ripley, and its antagonist the Xenomorph, the trio have crafted a finely executed death metal album that borrows heavily from the Finnish and Swedish sounds yet is also vital in its energy and musicianship. The title Track with its killer riff lurks with intensity, whilst Nostromo is chaotic varying between speed and a mid-paced assault that batters the senses. Pako’s vocals are eminently guttural and only add to the horrific atmosphere within. With several interludes throughout it has some moments of subtlety and tension building that give the album that complete textural picture. ‘’ Suffocating Parasite’’ is a slower more grinding offering allowing the excellent riff to shine and the more intricate times change room to breathe. It is excellently recorded allowing every instrument room to breathe and seethe with malicious resolve. ‘’ Afterlife Incubator’’ and ‘’ Xenomorph’’ are pure death metal moments where the groove is punctuated by frantic time changes and some crazed soloing.

Old school death metal beyond reproach ‘’Immortalized’’ burns with the intensity of the underground, it is raw and powerful. every moment is a celebration of horror that is all consuming hot and full of nightmares. Full of passion and strength it is an album worthy of a pure death metal fan’s attention!

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Release Year: 2023
Label: Awakening Records
Category: Album
Country: Spain

Reviewed by Sparky