BALMOG – Covenants of Salt (EP Review)

Release Date: May 01st 2023 - War Anthem Records

BALMOG – Covenants of Salt

Spanish exponents of the occult and the individual BALMOG have been terrorizing the underground Since 2003. with countless releases that are highly regarded amongst the black metal elite, Covenants of Salt continues the progression laid down on 2020s other single-track EP Pillars of Salt

An epic single track of massive black metal proportions, Balmog take the notions orthodox and imbue it with genuine revelations, it elevates Covenant of Slat to another level of what is considered extreme music. At eighteen minutes, there is much to explore, and the quartet do not waste a single moment.

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From an ominous opening and huge riff that reveals the spareness and grandeur of their music, employing multiple vocalists and styles from the fury to the clean choirs, it is majestic and ethereal.

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A pilgrimage across the desert sand to discovery that takes time to develop and then plunges you into its depths before elevating you again.

Covenants of Salt subject matter is vital, the human condition seeking knowledge denied by divinity is accusatory, inflammatory yet educated, nuanced and driven with purpose, the perfect accompaniment to their music. it works where others fail, the pillars and depths, matched by some haunting melody,  the moments of pure aggression marking chapters in a complete work that is punctuated by cavernous vocals, guitar sections that elevate yet are unafraid to mix psychedelia with the inherent violence of black metal. There are nods to the godfather of black metal where some of the choirs sit high above the music before the vitriol drags it back to the earth, smothering the listener with a denseness and intensity that has to be heard to be appreciated, vital in its inexorable march towards the final inevitability.

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Balmog continue their evolution whilst sacrificing none of their ideals, utterly uncompromising, beautiful yet terrifying, Covenants of Salt is immersive and all-consuming. Simply incredible.

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Release Year: 2023
Label: War Anthem Records
Category: EP
Country: Spain

Reviewed by Sparky