Battlesnake: Release Video For The Rotten Priest From the Year 3666! Opening For Kiss This November!


Forged deep in the fiery pits of the underworld, the Battlesnake rises up to take the earth by storm….

The council of the Nine is made up of The Devil, The Rotten Priest and 7 Robots and they have now delieved the music video for The Rotten Priest.

The year is 3666. The Rotten Priest, usurping church and state with his rotten sermon, holds dominion over all of creation. Humanity has been mechanised and put to work on an endless production line.
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Love, lust and desire have been reduced to distant, unattainable visions, used to perpetuate the enternal cycle…

Battlesnake comment “Our long awaited, first, best and only Music Video is out! Thank you to everyone involved in the making of this marvel of modern cinema”

See for yourself here:

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