Crypta – Echoes Of The Soul (Album Reviews)

Crypta - Echoes Of The Soul

From the very depths of hell comes a sound that rips through your very soul, sends your mind into a frenzy of twisted monologues and dark shadow plays, that consumes you from the moment you press play and until the very last note has rung out across your cerebellum.

This is exactly how the music of the Brazilian/Dutch all-female black metal supergroup make me feel. Former members of seminal acts Nervosa and Burning Witches and Hagbard have come together to make one of the most exciting extreme metal records for quite a while. Having been turned onto them by a good friend and fellow lover of extreme metal. I had been closely watching all the promos from the album. Singles like Starvation and From The Ashes. These had already whet my appetite and so when the album dropped I was happy that the following 8 other tracks lived up to the strong foundation that had been laid down before.

Let’s start with the most important part of this project the band themselves Fernanda Lira on bass and vocals once part of Nervosa is one of the worlds most powerful extreme metal vocalists. The growling dungeon-crawling evil in her voice is unlike many of her peers. It’s enunciated so well, every venomous word spat with bile and hate. But unlike many, the musicality and melody are not lost in fact it’s enhanced by her ability to pay tributes to the lyric not just obliterate it.  Accompanied by fellow Nervosa Alumni Luana Dametto on drums. You can hear the time these good friends have spent honing their skills together. The link between skins and bass is as tight as they come, this is so important in a metal medium as intense as this one. The fills and the use of cymbals on tracks like kali and my personal favourite Dark Night Of The Soul is a fair master class on accuracy and heaviness it will not come much better than this for some time.

Well now, what can this mere mortal say of Sonia Anubis former Burning Witches lead guitarist. They’re a few female or male guitarists, to be honest, and to have a deserved level playing field, that play like her. Sonia’s riffing and shredding are so cultured, so dense, so melodic and so viscerally brutal that you have to take a moment just take it all in. Accompanied by Tania Bergamaschi Ex Hagbard on guitar a very accomplished guitarist in her right this twin-guitar attack rewrites the definition of brutality for me. The marching tremolo picking and the thickness of the rhythm are so chunky and full it’s just masterful.

The album is a blistering 41 min 45 second rollercoaster of atmosphere, anger and beauty. It engages you draws you close, whilst always conceiving a plan to escape to the dark caverns of the world, where it will grow and become stronger and stronger. This truly is a magnificent record and even if you’re not into extreme metal I urge you to listen to this it may NO it will change your mind.

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Release Year: 2020
Label: Napalm Records
Category: Album
Country: Brazil

Reviewed by Tony Evans