Mob Rules – Beast Reborn (Album Review)

This work is a gate to the sound of the past of Power Metal.

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If you want to enjoy a classic German Power Metal this is the album for you.

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The production is great, very clean and equalized, everything has the right volume and level.

Regarding the music, the best work is the vocals. The years have not affected Klaus Dirks! On the other hand, the guitar solos are great but maybe the harmonizer has been a little overused. The drums are very strange in this album as Mob Rules don’t use the typical drumbeat of Power Metal – it is more calculated and precise to support the weight of the guitar riffs. There are several riffs that remind the old Stratovarius.

The orchestra has been used fantastically in the beginning of few songs. However, this affected the length of the songs. This album doesn`t use the usual speed but a more slowed Power Metal with touches of Heavy Metal. The slow speed is a bit of a problem for me because I expected more aggressive songs. But then this is not so much of a problem because it’s an interesting approach out of the comfort zone of Power Metal.

The best songs on the album are: Traveller in Time, Revenant Of The Sea and My Sobriety Mind (For Those Who Left). The third one being the best ballad on the album!

Finally, it’s very important to me to mention that the vocals don’t use AutoTune which is the worst enemy of music nowadays in my opinion. I hope you enjoy this album as I did.

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Release Year: 2018
Label: Steamhammer
Category: Album
Country: Germany

Reviewed by Siro Taglioferro