Lords Of The Trident – Shadows From The Past (Album Review)

Finally, it is here, the latest album from Lords Of The Trident.  It’s been 3 years since the last album Frostburn that we can hear some of the new tunes. It starts with Death Dealer, which tells the story about some kind of a demon that has a condemned soul that got imprisoned in a stone. Throughout the album the storyline is kept, basically show a searching of the unknown in the unknowns.

The first song is very powerful, combining the strong riff at the beginning and the beautiful but not less strong voice from Fang VanWrathenstein.
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Next is a song called Zero Hour which becomes one of my favourites starting with drums and the guitars, strong with a solid riff, and being followed by the snare that gives him a sticky rhythm. This all is being accompanied by a short pre-chorus with a solo from the bass.
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Later we have Tormentor, again one of my favourites too… it adds complexity and a really deep groove to the album remembering me of Countdown to Extinction from Megadeth. The song has soo much power in the riffs with a guitar solo (with both of guitars). That solo blows my mind!

In the middle of the album, we have Burn It Down (With Fire), Figaro and The Party Has Arrived – good songs with some changes in their structure (a little bit of Old School Heavy Metal, some catchy riffs that makes you move your head) including a full orchestra. Then we have Brothers Of Cain, Reaper´s Hourglass, Chasing Shadows and The Nameless Tomb.

Finally, The Gatekeeper – a very powerful song to end this great album with a catchy intro and a solid main riff.

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Release Year: 2018
Label: Junko Johnson Records
Category: Album
Country: USA

Reviewed by: Carlos ‘Spark’ Carpio