Drillsaw – Beg For Soma (Album Review)

Drillsaw - Beg For Soma

Beg For Soma is the debut release by the death metal band Drillsaw. I am unsure what to expect with this one as my initial glance through the song titles on the back cover gave me, Fuck Lyrics, Nintendont, The Reform of the Second Vatican Council, and There Is No Need To Name This There Is No Subtext. These titles would later give evidence to a heavy death metal band with a sense of humor and a taste of satire.
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However, don’t let those statements of comedy and mischief fool you this is a very heavy and relentless sounding death metal album. Deep growling vocals performed malevolently by James with growls becoming gutwrenchingly deep and incoherent at times, but it fits.

Another thing about this album while looking down the list of the tracks is there is a decent body of work here, with a large menu of music to get through, making for a completely satisfying experience and a very large sample of the music this band can make. Broken up with some hilarious samples for intros which gives the listener some light comedic relief from the aural assault being volleyed towards them.

The guitars are the key to all of this and they are good, going from fast frenetic thrash style to the more chunky freight train classic death style. This is good to stay clear from boredom and with 14 tracks would be painful and monotonous if they all sounded the same. The guitars are handled by Rob and Matt and they should be proud of their work. Drums go along well thanks to Mick with good tempo changes and a good clean sound. Rickus takes care of the bass but his work on the samples really is a key part of this record and really brings home the flavor and attitude of this band and their personality. Would be a different album without them.

The standouts on this album are really good and really lift the album overall.
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Beg For Soma the title track is excellent with a real standout thrash sound and some fantastic hooks and quite a polished sound. Excellent. Aphorist is also a very good death metal song finishing off the album nicely. But the best track is Nerve Gas Catastrophe. It has everything a good death met song should have and will be the track I go straight to on this CD long after doing this review.

Drillsaw has a very good album here with a slight twist to it, which helps it stand out from the crowd. A recommended album for you.

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Release Year: 2013
Label: self-released
Category: Album
Country: Australia

Reviewed by Chris Rankin