HEADBORE – Strength In Numbers (Album Review)

HEADBORE - Strength In Numbers

**Caution** Before listening to HEADBORE’s debut album, adjust the volume to your stereo/playing device…

The opening track to HEADBORE’s album ‘Strength In Numbers’ is a killer!… well almost… As per usual my headphones were cranked up, it was 4 am and I was half asleep at the gym about to get my cardio on. Having not heard HEADBORE up until recently, I got a rude shock when… RAAAAARRRRHHHH!! Track 1 – ‘What We Are’ spilled into my ear-holes.. If I wasn’t awake before, now I certainly was! Luckily, my heart is strong(ish) and there was no cardio-arrest for me that day… phew… Anyway, I got over it, and shortly before I knew it, I was pounding the treadmill in such a ferocious yet blissful manner that I had to stop and take a minute to truly enjoy the metal-goodness that I was listening to… oh yeah, what a great work out!

A few days had passed and now this album had become my ‘wake up at 3:30 am and get pumped up’ weapon of choice. Seriously, HEADBORE has done such a great job making this a heavy album that just works… again and again and again. I’m forever in debt to the editor at Metal-Roos for hooking a brother up with this album. The stand-out track for me is ‘Temptress’ giving you more face-melting good fun than you can point a pointy stick at. All the other tracks deliver the goods but for some reason, this one stuck out to me.

When it comes to Aussie metal these guys are dishing out some of the best going around. I’m really hoping these guys come to my city soon so I can have the pleasure of getting a dose of this first hand.

One of the many joys of writing reviews for Metal-Roos is I get exposed to so many exciting new metal bands. It’s a comfort to know that Aussie metal it and alive and kicking. When a band like HEADBORE comes along, it reminds you of why we love the genre and our many sub-genres that spawn from it.

I’ll say this once, guys, get this album in your hot little hands. It’s so hot you can’t touch it.

It’s so much of a priceless work of art that you can’t afford to have this in your collection. I’m a fan and they can expect to see me front and center, if and when they tour WA.

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Release Year: 2013
Label: self-released
Category: Album
Country: Australia

Reviewed by Scott Waddington