Birth To Burial by Before Ciada

Before Ciada is a NSW band who tell us in their bio that their EP ‘Birth to Burial’ would be a ‘brutal thought choking and soul crunching album’ and they were not wrong!

‘Birth to Burial’ blows you away from its first song ‘Ashes of the Damned’ with its brutality while still transfixing you with how clean and seamless transitions of the riffs, powerful vocals and phatt drumming. All seamlessly join together to make some awesome hardcore metal. This definitely makes Before Ciada stand out from the hardcore metal genre bands which can sound like a muddy mess and not put together well. With ‘Birth to Burial’ Before Ciada brings us a brutal EP with brilliant guitar work and vocal beats. Singer Troy’s vocals are fitted perfectly to the music beat and his voice becomes another instrument adding his own gutteral beats to the mix. Bassist Nat pumps it on the bass, and DeeJ on the drums; both pump out some remarkable hardcore beat and the combination makes the FATTEST hardcore beat that hits you like a brick. Gabs and Mick on the guitars blow your ears out with some hard as hell riffs. Damn impressive stuff. This is metal you feel in your abdomen! By the time you get to ‘Sake of Reason’ (track 4) you will be loving this band, and putting this EP at the top of your playlist!

This is absolutely a must have EP for your collection – even if you’re not into hardcore metal you will all find something to love about this EP and band. I give them 5 out of 5 roos – yep it’s a high rating but well worth it.

Release Year: 2013
Country: Australia

Reviewer: Lindy Williams

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