Black Stripe – Nakeer (EP Review)

Black Stripe is a one-man band from Morocco, founded in 2021, with multiple influences.

“Nakeer” is the band’s latest issue, released in 2021. It’s a 6 song EP that takes your breath away for 17 minutes and has a lot of instrumental parts.

The release displays a large spectrum of influences, a lot of powerful acoustic riffs, and multiple vibes throughout the EP. The modern metal influence is predominant, as you hear a fair bunch of djenty parts, mixed with old school extreme metal progressions, resulting in an effort very complete in the sense that it takes the best of both worlds.

The lead guitar parts are held high by a consequent amount of very tasty licks and catchy melodies, and it is contrasted by darker black metal vibes here and there. The electronic music component also gives this band a touch of originality.

The climax of this EP is for me, the second track, untitled “RISALA”, a heavy power surge of chuggy riffs, catchy bridges and grandiose atmospheres emphasized by very intelligent use of keyboards (which I’m not usually a fan of). On the other hand, the use of Moroccan percussions doesn’t add anything to the song, the oriental sound is fatuous and doesn’t fit well within the EP which sustains itself without that pinch of forced display of Moroccan identity.

The production is decent for what seems to be a DIY release, the guitar tone is well suited for the genre’s standards but lacks spine: it sounds generic of any modern metal band. The bass breathes well within the mix and the drums are realistic, simple and efficient and serving the common good of the EP.

Overall, the EP displays a very promising landscape for the band to improve, and show premises of greatness from this very young project.

Black Stripe: Facebook

Release Year: 2021
Label: self-released
Category: EP
Country: Marocco

Reviewed by Oussama EL OUADIE

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