Vicious Vision – Ain (Album Review)

Vicious Vision is a thrash/groove metal band from Casablanca, Morocco, founded in 2006, and is one of the longest-serving bands in the Moroccan scene.

Their first release “Ain” was issued in 2020, and it’s a full-length album full of power and punchy riffs. One thing that’s undeniable throughout the album is the Pantera influence, but then again, the four texas born cowboys from hell influenced every metalhead who witnessed their greatness. The influence is obvious but it’s nothing close to a blatant rip off: the Moroccan formation has its own identity.

The use of Moroccan traditional vibes here and there, as well as the singing in Arabic in some parts, sounds natural and not in any regard forced or overused, as the emphasis is put on the power of the riffs rather than the folkloric additions.

The album is a vulgar display of rage, and it’s raw in every aspect: the riffing is very raw and direct, punchy and with no compromise, it crushed the door on you and comes in all guns blazing, everything a metal song needs. The drumming is very powerful and energetic, the vocals display a huge amount of uncontained rage, as the singer seems to be screaming and spilling his guts into the album, the lyrics only emphasize that as they deplore the revolting conditions the Moroccan society lives in. The album is overall an ode to rebellion, an invitation to the final riot act.

The raw vibe is pushed to its limits as everything sounds so natural and visceral: the guitar is played with passion, the drums are beaten like they’ve done wrong, and the vocals seem to be tearing the singer’s throat apart. The album reeks of a “don’t give a fuck” attitude that we so dearly miss in modern metal.

Production-wise, it’s unique. The drums are natural sounding, the guitar tone smells like an organic tube amp, although it wouldn’t be my own go-to tone, as it needs to breathe more and it needs more chug, but it’s perfectly well suited for the album identity. Perhaps the bass would add more power to the album if it was a bit more highlighted.

Overall the album is the quintessence of rebellion, all that metal was created to be, it’s powerful, real and raw, and it makes for an iconic metal release.

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Release Year: 2020
Label: self-released
Category: Album
Country: Marocco

Reviewed by Oussama EL OUADIE