Black Trillium: Release first single ‘Banished’ (featuring Tim Charles of Ne Obliviscaris)

Black Trillium release first single ‘Banished’ (featuring Tim Charles of Ne Obliviscaris) from their upcoming debut studio album ‘The Fatal Shore’, due for release April 29.

Check out the first single and music video for ‘Banished’ here

Black Trillium are a dark & deeply creative death/doom metal act from Sydney that have been brewing up raw, emotive and incredibly dynamic sonic offerings since 2010. While it’s been a while since we’ve heard from the duo, with 2020 marking 10 years for the band, they have an all-new album entitled ‘The Fatal Shore’ due for release April 29 with a killer first single & video clip entitled ‘Banished’ kicking things off.

Predominately a studio project between Simon Skipper & Zach Carlsson, this first single ‘Banished’ kicks in hard with big menacing riffs journeying into a call and response vocal between Zach’s deep gutturals mixed with Simon providing the open clear space and some slamming down the line drums (provided by David Schneider) into heavy doom sections. All of this leads into ambient acoustic guitars before driving home with more big demonic riffage and an epic tail ending outro with strings provided by Tim Charles of Ne Obliviscaris creating a sense of confusion, disarray and abandonment. If this first offering is anything to go by, we have no doubt the full release of the album will be turning heads in the heavy community.

Lyrically, ‘Banished’ explores the effects of being forced to leave your home and realising everyone you trusted has suddenly turned their backs on you to uphold a certain status quo. Visually the video clip tells tales of a burden, a scar and regret passed on, consuming all within it. Along with all the art, the clip for ‘Banished’ has also been directed and captured by the band and their artistic collaborator Melanie Touw. This is just another aspect to this all-encompassing creative project.

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