Blind The Eye – The Lion of Lions (Album Review)

Release Date: September 30th 2022 - El Puerto Records

Blind The Eye - The Lion Of Lions

Portuguese melodic death metal act Blind the Eye unleashed their debut album The Lion of Lions and it is a humongous slab of aggression-filled melodic death metal.

Taking its cues from the famous Gothenburg sound Blind the Eye has crafted something purely their own that has its roots firmly entrenched in European sound yet it is heavier punchier, and purely metal. “’’ Aquilifer’’ is a pure stomping metal anthem, yet ‘’ Mars! Exulte!’’ is a technical rousing slab of death metal that is powerful and full of technical seamless time changes.
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The sound is huge along with the solos and the musical proficiency is without question.
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It stops and turns on a dime and gets heavier with every listen. It’s catchy and memorable, the title track is pure stomping death metal Ricardo Pereira’s vocals (for the album only, replaced by Rui Antunes) are raw and vitriolic in their aggression, and the acoustic moments offer a brief respite to mix things up along with some touches of deathcore to accent some of those massive bridges/breakdowns.

‘’ As Vesta’s Fire’’; is another highlight with a great riff and some cracking speed, the double kick work of Rui Rocha is worth a special mention and is a real driving force on ‘’ Tauroctony’’ another pure display of melodic deathened metal.

Blind The Eye excels in their musical weapon of choice and’’ The Lion of Lions’’ is an excellent album designed to bang the head and shatter the senses!

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Release Year: 2022
Label: El Puerto Records
Category: Album
Country: Portugal

Reviewed by Sparky