Dust & Bones: Release New Video ‘U R R’N’R’ Of Upcoming Album “Mission Back To The Forbidden Planet”


Dust & Bones

DUST & BONES release the first single ‘U R R’N’R’ from their new album “Mission Back To The Forbidden Planet”. Of course, they also delight their fans with a new video.

Guitarist Dirk: “The song and the video are a tribute to rock ‘n roll, a deep genuflection to the founders of rock. For us, they remain absolutely unique, unforgotten and immortal.
We produced the video ourselves with a lot of fun and sweat and recorded it in the rehearsal room.”

This also marks the start of pre-sales for the album, which will be released on January 26, 2024. Watch their official clip of the ‘U R R’N’R’ here:



01 – Mission start
02 – UR R’N’R
03 – Move
04 – Remedy
05 – Out on that road
06 – Feel good07 – Earth stood still today
08 – For all the good and the bad
09 – Electricity
10 – Planet 5
11 – People strange
12 – This is not the end