BLODTÅR – Blodtår (EP Review)

Swedish duo Blodtar redefines energic aggression with their debut self-titled release.

Blodtar is organic furious Swedish black metal that might conjure some moments of Dissection but then veer wildly into a beast of their own making. ‘’Djävulskap’’ sets the intent with the intensity that only black metal brings. Yet they are heavily influenced by the traditional sounds of their homelands. And yes, whilst there are brief acoustic elements of their forefathers, Blodtar takes the extra step and immerses those melodies into their music directly with distortion speed and fury. ‘’Svartsejd’’ is a rousing fusion of this idea, the merging of the melody into the raw black chaos inspired and fresh. the inspiration to fuse Swedish melodies directly into their music creates an excellent storytelling counterpoint and proves that the utterly heavy can be memorable and melodious yet remaining true to their spirit.

This four-track EP is far too brief ‘’Aldrig mer’’ is more Nordic traditional hellfire rooted in mysticism and atmosphere.  Precise and punishing Blodtar is a name that will only grow in status with their purity, intensity, and their unique raw black metal that pushes the genre to new traditional limits.  Blodtar is infused with contrast, mood, conviction, and mindboggling speed.  Unmissable

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Release Year: 2021
Category: EP
Country: Sweden

Reviewed by Sparky