Wombbath – Agma (Album Review)

Wombbath release the mighty Agma celebrating thirty years of existence that began as the band Seizure in Sala Sweden.

Wombbaths’s music is tough, it is pure death metal that retains all their huge riffing and the tortured deathly vocals courtesy of Jonny Pettersson, the manic precise double kick work but as on “In Decay They All Shall Fester” it mutates into something else with a glorious dissonate riff that doesn’t sacrifice any of the heavy intensity

Agma is heavy and it is probably their best work. Its gloriously huge and amazingly well executed as on the manic “At the Giants Feet” with tonnes of speed and power yet the conjured chanting that occurs is organic and rousing.” The Age Of Death” is simply heavier than a box of rocks with its rapid-fire 2/4 beat that commands you to get up pay attention with some excellent drumming from Jon Rudin that is precise yet without being self-indulgent. Wombbath strength lays in their power to create huge stomping memorable moments driven by energy that is captured by an excellent production.

Agma is unrelenting and ferocious “The Dead and The Dying” continue the assault and “Breathe in the Flames “uses the violin talents of guitarist Thomas von Wachenfeldt sparingly to add, an extra dimension to their musical Armageddon.  “On a path of Repulsion “uses this perfectly, huge vocal lines with dissonant strings and choir elements accompanied by those kick drums! “Oh Fire of Hate” is exactly that and puts a definite mark on their death metal superiority.

Wombbath is more powerful than ever and has delivered a very special album. Agma is true death metal that is also diverse, and the result is very very exciting.

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Release Year: 2021
Label: Transcending Obscurity Records
Category: Album
Country: Sweden

Reviewed by Sparky