INTERVIEW: Bloodshel discusses debut album

Interview by Chris


Bloodshel is a metal band from Bahrain that formed back in 2012. Their debut album “Phase One” is out soon so we got a few words from the band to find out more.


Metal-Roos: Who are Bloodshel.  How did you guys meet and is there any significance in the name of the band?

Bloodshel: Bloodshel is a heavy metal band from Bahrain. As you may know, Bahrain is a small place and so is the music scene, so we knew each other from working with different bands and other musicians.

Abdulla was the founding member of the band ATOM in 2009 which had changes in its line-up and ending with Salem joining as a bassist in 2011, followed by Jassim on vocals and Ali on guitars. Due to conflict of interest in the direction of the music, these four members decided to start a separate project in 2012 with the aim of writing new material under the name Bloodshel.

Metal-Roos: How long have you been together as a band.

Bloodshel: It has been 6 years now, as the band formed in early 2012.

Metal-Roos: What have been the musical influences for you, personally and as a band.

Bloodshel: We all share the same influences, bands such as (Black Sabbath, Dio, Megadeth, Judas Priest, Pantera).  In addition to that, as individuals there are influences from progressive, thrash, and groove metal.

Metal-Roos: Heavy Metal in Bahrain, can you describe the scene.

Bloodshel: It is very challenging in terms of finding venues to host our gigs knowing that there will be loud music and screaming involved.  Unfortunately, the music trend is far from metal nowadays, which gives us and the other metal bands in Bahrain no option but to work on our own shows, and we are very thankful for the loyal fans and friends that would still come and support the band and that is what’s keeping the metal scene alive.

Metal-Roos: Phase One, a new album, your first, what can people listeners expect, from this album.

Bloodshel: The songs in Phase One were written since the early years, and then we took our time tightening up every part of them.  We see it as a slowly cooked dish where it is rich in quality that has been made with patience and a lot of effort.

Metal-Roos: The album launch is supported by both Motor Militia and Smouldering In Forgotten, how much of an influence have these two bands, if any been on Bloodshel? Or is it a case of support from the musicians in those bands to go your own way, and achieve your goals.

Bloodshel: There’s plenty of support between the members of our bands. We go along way and some of us have known each other since we first picked up our instruments. So, it’s definitely a case of support from those two bands and we are grateful for it. Since there isn’t much in terms of outlets for our music, we want this event to showcase the best we can offer.

Metal-Roos: For me My Consequence stands out on the album, do you have a favourite track from the album? What is it about that track that makes it special to you?

Bloodshel: We agree with you on My Consequence since it has a unique sound and feel to it. Since we wrote most of our material in a span of 4 to 5 years, each track on the album had its “special” moment. For instance, there had doubts on Fucked up Again initially, but the positive response we got the first time we played it changed our thoughts of it. Then you have a track like Overdose, which is the first of our original songs played live which we put together in less than a week and carries so much intensity.

Metal-Roos: Thanks for your time guys, any final thoughts you’d like to add?

Bloodshel: Our band’s debut album has been a long time coming and we’d like everyone to know that there’s more where that came from.


Interview Date: 2018-08-31

Interviewer: Chris