Bonehammer: Release New Video Hammerson & New Album Black Crust Invasion on Awakening Records

Forming in 2018 under the flag of New Wave Of Stateless Metal Punk, the three werewolves of Bonehammer gathered to bring forth a pure metal punk blitzkrieg. Their first full-length Black Crust Invasion is filled with merciless melodies and lyrical concepts ranging from pagan rituals and occultism to horror stories and 80’s.

Black Crust Invasion was released on 23 November 2019 via Awakening Records.

Bonehammer is a human community that tries to express, through an insane, anguished and dark sound, the worst garbage that we all carry inside us, allowing music to be the path through which all those negative emotions flow and crystallizing them into even more harmful songs. The only goal of the band is to leave a wound on the already sore scene and become an object of desire and evil.
Bonehammer’s sound is influenced by Bathory, Venom, Hellhammer, Discharge and Amebix.With a strong visual impact reflected in live performances, they make their way through this world mercilessly and continue the battle on this path of darkness.


01 Dark Pagan Cult
02 Shadows of Darkness
03 Children of the Lie
04 Living a Rotting Nightmare
05 Victims of War
06 Invocation
07 Hammerson
08 Overture of Evil
09 Possessed
10 Blues of Perversion
11 Reborn in Hell
12 March ör Die (MOTÖRHEAD Cover)

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