Entophyte: German’s Thrashers Debut End of Society’s Sanity Re-Released by Awakening Records after nearly 28 years

Early 90s German technical thrash metal band Entophyte formed in 1989. Their full-length album End of Society’s Sanity was originally released in 1992 by Mad Noise. Nearly 28 years later, this hard-hitting and thought-provoking opus is seeing the light of day for a second time! This official re-release includes a bonus track and extensive pictures.

If you are a fan from Mekong Delta, Toxik and Watchtower this album will be something for you. End of Society’s Sanity was re-released on 23 November 2019 via Awakening Records.


01 End of Society’s Sanity
02 Rat Race
03 Random Victims (Potential Killers)
04 Human Machine World
05 The War of Khyr
06 A Day Less than Zero
07 Imprisoned Souls

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