CARACH ANGREN: Unveil new hellish track of ‘Franckensteina Strataemontanus

The Dutch masters of horror CARACH ANGREN are back with their 6(66)th full length ‘Franckensteina Strataemontanus’, which will see the light on June 26, 2020. In celebration, the horror outfit is now releasing the second new track from the album; ‘Der Vampir von Nürnberg’.

The new offering can be seen, in the form of a lyric video, here:

CARACH ANGREN comment: “We proudly present you ‘Der Vampir von Nürnberg’, taken from our upcoming album. The song is a sub-story connected to the overarching horrifying concept on the album. Welcome to the world of a gruesome killer and vampiric necrophiliac dabbling in the wickedness of the occult!”