HEAD IN A JAR: Sydney Thrashers release Free from the Fridge LP & Video “Hell Beach”

In a perfectly timed move when everyone is cooped up in their homes and begging for the kind of metal to shake them out of their deep existential dread, Sydney’s Head in a Jar have dropped their choicest release yet – Free from the Fridge.

The fourth offering from the group has influences from all over the thrash spectrum, from gnarly crossover to grim teutonic and everything in between. As you would expect of these heavy metal weirdos, lyrics cover ridiculous topics like depressive overeating in ‘Slave to the Microwave’, evil roller coasters in ‘You Must be this Tall (to die)’, schoolyard fighting leagues in ‘Big Punch at a Little Lunch’ and more.

The cover art captures the chaos and fun of the music – brilliantly captured by Andrew Bouzikov, whose work has graced the cover of Municipal Waste releases and many other modern thrash acts. 

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The recording process at Sydney’s Adversary Studios with producer Aaron Worboys was an absolute pleasure according to drummer Marcus Alvarez ‘All the planets aligned for this one and listeners are guaranteed a shitload of entertainment packed into these 12 songs’.

Free from the Fridge is available for purchase now on Bandcamp and is streamable on all good streaming services like Spotify, Apple Music and more. 

See the music video for our track ‘Hell Beach’ where we run around in cheap demon suits and beat up a politician here: