Child Bite / Black Rheno (Split Review)

Release Date: April 29th 2022 - Housecore Records

Childbite & Black Rheno

Packed into this short and powerful EP are two bands from two continents. Child Bite and Black Rheno have collaborated together on this four-song 7″ split album with a view to punch you in the face via the ear canals. The EP was released on 29 April 2022 with the help of Dead Set Records and Housecore Records.

Black Rheno (Sydney, Australia) is composed of Miller (vocals), Nano (guitars), and Kieran (drums)

Child Bite ( Detroit, Michigan) are Shawn Knight (vocals), Sean Clancy (bass), and Jeremy Waun (guitar)

The album came about because of a friendship struck between Ryan Miler and Child Bite in 2019 when the latter were touring Australia for the first time. Child Bite was offered to film a video at Housefox Studios for the Housefox Sessions with Miller at the helm of chief engineer at the studio. Bit of banter between them lead to a friendship from which talk became action, and they brought out this split EP.

The first two songs are provided by the enigmatic Child Bite. These songs initially appeared on their 2016 album “Negative Noise”, but while in Sydney they had time to re-record them. Vicious amounts of energy flow through the frenetic groove that they have. Their music seems to find harmony where a lot of sections just seem to be quite dissonant, especially with the vocals seeming to follow their own pattern and chug. Despite the seemingly clashing style, they make it work. Interesting scaled dances around the fretboard occur using various effects to create a couple of solid songs. They blend that mix of hard rock, southern rock, and hardcore into their tunes, almost like Clutch connected to a power station.

Black Rheno is a powerhouse when you consider they only have two instruments and vocals, yet they manage to lacerate the air around them with their oomphed-up hardcore and doom fused in with thrash. ‘Flea ridden” has sections of madness and chaos, then in steps the areas where you can only headbang on the spot with no fucks given.

“Empire” is only 46 seconds long, which makes it more of a trailer for a movie than being a feature itself. It is fast and crazy but doesn’t take us anywhere. I see that they are trying to show that is capable of being able to have fun and play at pace, but it doesn’t sit well next to the other band that has provided two entire songs.

The album tops out 9 minutes and 5 seconds in duration.

It’s great to hear when two bands get on and do something because they have mutual respect for one another. This album is defo packed with a few songs that will keep your interest.

1. Child Bite – Death before dementia
2. Child Bite – Born A Hog
3. Black Rheno – Flea ridden
4. Black Rheno – Empire

Child Bite: Facebook

Black Rheno: Facebook

Release Year: 2022
Label: Housecore Records
Category: Split
Country: USA / Australia

Reviewed by Byron Lotz