Chris Maragoth release EP “Tales” & video for “Tales of a Girl” featuring Nadine Hope

Chris Maragoth

On November 26 solo artist Chris Maragoth released his new concept EP “Tales” on all major streaming services, media stores and on Bandcamp.

The music video for the EP opener “Tales of a Girl” was also released on the same day on his official YouTube channel. (See Below)

“Tales” is a musical short story collection. The EP contains 3 tracks that not only have in common that they start with the phrase “Tales of” in their song title, but also that each track got a self-contained story largely based on personal experiences. For example “Tales of a Girl” is about being in love with a specific person that does not feel the same way and, as a result, the struggle to finally letting go or to keep on trying. Nadine Hope, who lent her voice to a track on last year’s EP “Lost and Separated”, maintains the vocals again.

The music style of “Tales” can be described as Melodic Metal and Symphonic Metal with some elements of Gothic. If you like good and catchy melodies, a melancholic and also a dark atmosphere, you should definitely take a look.



Chris Maragoth - Tales