Church Of The Dead: Finland’s Old School Death Metallers Released Coffincraft Video & Debut Album Out Now

Church of the Dead are hailing from Helsinki, Finland. The band is already well-known in the local metal scene. With the release of their debut album, they are ready to unleash their music to the world! Even though this is the first album, Church of the Dead has already released five EPs with former vocalist Jukka Pihlajaniemi. To support the release Church of the Dead premiered a music video for the song Coffincraft.

Jussi Salminen – Vocals
Kride Lahti – Guitar 
Antti Poutanen – Bass 
Tommi Makkonen – Drums

Church of the Dead is formed 2012 in Helsinki. The bands’ sound bows to 80s and 90s Death Metal, Hard Core/D-Beat and even Black Metal. Imagine Disfear playing Cannibal Corpse or vice versa. However, the main influences are  Dark Throne, Celtic Frost and Bolt Thrower and old fashion horror movies. Church of the Dead is mostly known in the Helsinki underground scene but they have played mainstream shows like TUSKA festival.

flyer" class="img-responsive Tracklist:

1. The Opening: Rising from Beyond
2. Hounds of Men
3. Coffincraft
4. Rat King – The Bringer of Plague
5. The Reckoning
6. Something came out of the woods
7. Nekrovulture
8. The Abyss

Get the album at Levykauppa X or at Bandcamp.

Church Of The Dead: Facebook