CONSENTIUM – Echoes From The Shred Factory (EP Review)

Release Date: July 18th 2023 - Independent

CONSENTIUM – Echoes From The Shred Factory

I’ve been doing a bit of digging, trying to find out some information on this band. Can’t say I found out much at all. The four Perth lads released their EP, Echoes from the Shred Factory, independently, on July 18th of this year. They’ve been spotted floating around the Perth Prog circuit here and there, playing with the select handful of eclectic musicians that also fall into this category of music. Last spotted at Lynott’s lounge witnessed by the usual cult followers of Perth Prog, which are few and far between. Who they are and how long they have been around remains a mystery.

ECHOES FROM THE SHRED FACTORY consists primarily of five very well-crafted pieces of music, four of which are instrumentals.

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All have the potential to be epic masterpieces, yet I think they have been wise enough not to drag them out too long, which can sometimes be tedious for an instrumental within this Niesh style.

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Kevin, very melodic, displays the technical talent behind these musicians and I really wish I knew their names so I can praise some of what I hear. The recording itself is of a high standard and with so much going on with the style of music, hats off to the person behind the mixing for this release.

NSS, a quirky 5:45 minute number, a spontaneous composition of intrigue.

Symbolise appealing to the bass enthusiast enthralls with groove-like characteristics.

Clean but precise on entry, Last Will displays playful guitaring crossing over into a distorted sea of charismatic shred which Is a focal point echoing the title intent.

Finally, we have another version of Last Will. In this version we at the very least discover vocals, enough to paint us a picture of where things might be headed next for this band musically speaking but not enough to give away their air of mystery.

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A solid release, nonetheless.

Consentium: Facebook

Release Year: 2023
Label: self-released
Category: EP
Country: Australia

Reviewed by GG Baf