AIRSTRIKE New Wave Of Classic Rock band present new single “Rollin'”


New Wave Of Classic Rock with an irrepressible joy of playing and with a mighty portion of lifeblood – that’s AIRSTRIKE.

Anyone who believes that “Classic Rock” always has to have a dusty or stale image hasn’t heard of AIRSTRIKE. The band, which was founded in 2017, impressively shows on their debut album “Red Born Reborn” that cool rock music can also go a long way in 2023 and definitely be fun. Today the band present their new single & video “Rollin'”.

The band describes the song:
With the last single “Rollin'” we hit it as a last teaser with a groove-driven bite. Musically, this number already shows what it is also about lyrically. All four of us are no blank slates and have already gained some experience in connection with Rock’N’Roll and the escapades that go with it. “Rollin'” is therefore a wild road trip made up of anecdotes that we have already been able to and had to experience. We are excited to see what else follows. Until then “Nights on fire, yeah we’re Rollin’…”