Crossbone Skully drops new song Money, Sex, Or God


The band’s mastermind/frontman Tommy Henriksen (guitarist & musical director for Alice Cooper’s band and member of Hollywood Vampires) and guitarist Anna Cara announced the song’s release in late April following the surprise reveal of the music video for the howl-inducing song “I Am The Wolf.”

Stream and/or download “Money, Sex, or God” now at

“The song ‘Money, Sex, or God’ was inspired by a conversation I had while watching a tv show,” elaborates Henriksen“On the show, they were saying everything always comes down to three things you should never talk about in life: financials, sexual preference, and religion. I immediately thought…well that’s easy…Money, $ex, or God. It was one of those songs where it rarely happens with me, that the lyrics just fell right out: ‘Pick your prize, what you gonna choose? / I bet you God, he’s gonna lose / But then…if it was up to me? You’re all gonna lose’… thank you, universe!”

Henriksen and Cara will join listeners for the global music video premiere of “Money, Sex, or God” via YouTube and will introduce the inspirational figure behind the band’s music, ‘Crossbone Skully’—an avenging superhero who was tasked with the mission to save humanity and fight the age-old battle of good vs evil.

Here’s a special message from Crossbone Skully: “In the chaos of life, we’re faced with choices. Between ‘Money, Sex, or God,’ beware…for in my world, you’re all gonna lose! Because the true prize lies behind the Otherworld!”

Crossbone Skully’s plight was initially shared in the ashcan comic “Thing #1” which is included and signed with all orders for the CROSSBONE SKULLY’s first offering of a series of limited-edition 7” vinyl and includes their explosive single “The Boom Went The Boom (feat. Phil Collen of Def Leppard)” and their uplifting and anthemic track “I’m Unbreakable” as its B-side. Proceeds from the sale of the limited edition 7” vinyl will be donated to the 501(c)(3) charity MusiCares. Limited copies remain HERE. He is also the main character in the upcoming animated film of the same name, “Thing #1,” which includes voiceovers from A-list actor Johnny Depp and rock icons including Alice Cooper, Nikki Sixx, Joe Perry and Kane Roberts.