NIFELHEIM to release new demo compilation thru DARKNESS SHALL RISE


Darkness Shall Rise Productions is proud to present Nifelheim‘s Unholy Death compilation on CD, cassette tape, and vinyl LP formats. The tape version shall be released on June 6th while the CD and vinyl versions shall be released on July 4th.

Inspired by hatred and some of the vilest and darkest metal of the ’80s, Sweden’s most demented twins, Hellbutcher and Tyrant, came up with Nifelheim‘s only demo, Unholy Death, spawned in Hell in 1993.

Although the tracks immortalized on this demo are poorly recorded and rather amateurishly performed, they already and unmistakenly bear some of the trademarks the band would come to be worshipped for. Hellbutcher’s insane, utterly possessed screams and their songwriting talent and sense for melody turn the demo into a must-have not only for loyal worshippers of the band, but for anyone into early Sodom, early Bathory, or Treblinka.

Especially for this compilation, Nifelheim unearthed several gems from their archive, which turn this release into something truly extraordinary: On top of the four songs from the demo tape, this compilation features four other original songs, two intros, and two covers (Motörhead and Bathory) from the same recording session. In total, Unholy Death consists of 12 titles with a running time of almost 40 minutes.

The tracks were remixed from the original master tapes by Hellbutcher in 2024 and mastered by Patrick W. Engel at Temple Of Disharmony in February 2024. Also, a very in-depth interview with Tyrant and Hellbutcher highlighting the early days of the band was conducted.

In the meantime, hear the title track “Unholy Death” here:

Preorder info can be found HERE. Cover and tracklisting are as follows:


Tracklisting for Nifelheim’s Unholy Death

1. Intro
2. Black Curse
3. Unholy Death
4. Satanic Sacrifice
5. Dawn Of The Dark Millennium
6. Witchfuck
7. Sodomizer
8. Possessed By Evil
9. The Devastation
10. Fuck Off
11. Mean Machine
12. Reaper