Crossover thrash/folk metal newcomers Pillaging Villagers to release debut album in March

Pillaging Villagers

Crossover Thrash/Folk Metal newcomers PILLAGING VILLAGERS will release their self-titled debut album on March 11.

The album’s first single, “Wretched of the Earth,” is available to stream at:

Merging the punk-influenced aggressiveness of crossover thrash with the Celtic melodies of folk metal, the ‘peasant metal’ of Pillaging Villagers takes the listener on a journey to a medieval world of pitchfork-wielding rebellion where songs of victory and sorrow alike are belted out with tankards
raised high.

Whether described as “punk Ensiferum” or “thrash Dropkick Murphys,” Pillaging Villagers is a raucous, high-energy debut that rampages into the town square from its opening bars, burning and looting without respite throughout its tight 39-minute runtime.

A concept album composed entirely by vocalist David Frazer, PILLAGING VILLAGERS features the session contributions of drummer Jason Hirt (Ghost Bath), guitarist Brian Koenig (Lords of the Trident) and bassist Adam Tucker (A Scanner Darkly).



Pillaging Villagers