Curse of Eibon – Journey Into Madness (EP Review)

Curse of Eibon is an atmospheric death metal band from Sweden. In 2021 the band released a 5 track EP titled “Journey Into Madness”.
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 The EP cover depicts a walking trail, inviting the listener on a path to the artist’s music.
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Out of the 5 tracks, 4 are full-length tracks as well as a 1 min piano track with some voiceover vocal style to prepare the listener.

At the core of the music is what the band calls “atmospheric death metal”, combined with synths and guitar leads. The band presents beautiful melodies and enchanting atmospheres in their music. I would have a hard time calling this death metal due to the primitiveness of the guitars and drums when compared to what we commonly know as death metal. If you said atmospheric metal – most definitely yes! In addition, a lot of parts do repeat on the instrumental side. The drums are simple but effective and work together with the rest of the instruments. Vocals are mainly growled style with speaking style at times, which works convincingly.

The track titles do not reveal much with regard to what the music is about and thus remain somewhat vague and left to the interpretation of the listener. The impression I am getting from the atmosphere and mood of the music is somewhat epic. It reminds me of legends, exposes, and fairy tales of childhood. Definitely, Viking culture or lord of rings could come to mind. You would have to admire the band’s creativity and courage to step into this realm.

There are really not many drawbacks here. The only minor thing to point out is the production. I would expect a stronger guitar tone and drum sound by today’s standards. The guitar sounds a bit thin, would love to hear more of those chugs shine out. Perhaps the band either did this at home or had a very little budget. I would definitely recommend looking to work with a better producer for future recordings. However, this is very minor as the music itself is catchy and will strike a chord with the listener regardless. The production could however make the difference to help the band get to the next level.

Overall this is very well done and is catchy as hell. I will be listening to this and would expect more music from this band. Pushing the limitation to expressions of creativity should be well received and appreciated.

Curse of Eibon: Facebook

Release Year: 2021
Label: self-released
Category: EP
Country: Sweden

Reviewed by Justin