DEAD BY WEDNESDAY Drops Music Video For “Wasteland”

Metal titans DEAD BY WEDNESDAY (D.B.W.) have unleashed a thrilling new post-apocalyptic music video for their track “Wasteland,” a raw and adrenaline-fueled anthem from their latest Capital Conspiracy album, now available worldwide on Mindsnap Music / Combat Records, distributed by Von Artists, Ltd. (The Orchard). Inspired by the desolate yet captivating setting of the Mojave Desert in California, the band crafted this intense song, and coincidentally, some footage was shot at the renowned “Wasteland Weekend” festival, an event synonymous with post-apocalyptic fervor held annually in late September.

What makes this video even more amazing is that DEAD BY WEDNESDAY penned and recorded “Wasteland” before their gripping performance at last year’s Wasteland Weekend, adding an extra layer of cosmic connection to the experience. Jessica Spinelli’s expert production and cinematography, coupled with Gary Sandler’s deft editing, have brought this auditory journey to life visually, capturing the essence of the wasteland realm in vivid detail. Additionally, the inclusion of footage courtesy of Wasteland World amplifies the video’s authenticity and immersive quality.

Watch their official video here:

dead by wednesday AC


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