Nimrod – Legacy of Death (Album Review)

Release Date: December 10th 2023 - Metalapolis Records

Nimrod - Legacy of Death

A Chilean band called Nimrod which has been around since 1985 has released their 4th album named “Legacy of Death”.

As you press play to “Mortality of the Seas”, you will notice the mix of modern and old-school Thrash Metal. This is only a taste of a full-force and in your face long play. “Kingdom of Corruption” starts with a cool intro that evolves into a small solo, and you will enjoy the best of Thrash Metal, just like the first track.

Police sirens and a relaxed guitar line are featured in “Die Alone”, a track that never loses the intensity most of the listeners are seeking. Crazy riffs of “Strike Kills” and “Calling All Sinners” will remind you that Thrash metal can be pure evil and hostile. A calm tempo can be expected in “Prayers”, so buckle up to a rollercoaster that suddenly can change the intensity. “March of the Damned” is a return to the madness that Nimrod is proposing on this album. Also comes with a cool interlude that is going to fade out in an aggressive riff.

The title track song, “Conspiracy”, “The Message” and “Sky Ritual” captures the vibes of this record. Don’t forget to enjoy the impressive solos. Two covers are included in “Legacy of Death”. They have a different sound because they were released during the Pandemic. On one hand, we can hear a mature voice of Ronnie Romero. He has been part of big bands like Rainbow or MSG. So, “Neon Nights” is reinvented as a Thrash classic.

“Merciless Death” is a good choice of cover because Nimrod has listed Dark Angel as a heavy influence. Also, the voice of Don Doty, that was Dark Angel’s vocalist in the 80s, gives a new perspective of one of the most violent tracks of the album “Darkness Descends”.

Overall, “Legacy of Death” sounds like a vintage album with a perfect production and a polished recording. Nevertheless, the Chileans does not forget their roots and inspirations that were formed decades ago. This album might cause you goosebumps because aggressiveness meets with technical quality.

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Release Year: 2023
Label: Metalapolis Records
Category: Album
Country: Chile

Reviewed by Taiki