DEMOLIZER – Post Necrotic Human (Album Review)

Release Date: July 07th 2023 - Mighty Music

DEMOLIZER - Post Necrotic Human

Demolizer is a thrash metal band from Denmark formed in 2018, releasing the five-song demo ‘Ghoul’, later the same year. The band’s debut full-length album ‘Thrashmageddon’ was released in 2020, with an “upgraded” version of their 2018 demo, simply titled ‘Upgrade’ emerging in 2021. The band’s second full-length album, ‘Post Necrotic Human,’ was released in 2023.

Coming at ya like a rabid out of control steam roller, Denmark’s thrash metal force Demolizer are set to rip your faces to pieces with their latest studio release – the manic ‘Post Necrotic Human’. Filled to the brim with brutality and aggression, Demolizer are a savage mix of bands such as Slayer, Municipal Waste and Exodus. For forty-four ferocious minutes the band batter you senseless with a sonic assault of all-out thrash, starting with the album opener, and the title song, ‘Post Necrotic Human’ – a searing rampage of terrifying speed! Not to mention the high level of aggression and menace! Overwhelming or what? The band devastating the land with a rough, tough and gruff brand of thrash – a simply stunning start to the new album.

A stunning start that gets better, ‘Fascist State’ maintains the breathtaking speed of the album opener. Maybe even quicker – the band roaring like a pride of lions on the hunt! The incredible speed of the opening one-two is gonna viciously bang heads, the worldwide mosh pits just a frenzied blur as metalheads everywhere go fucking crazy! This is some serious neck-breaking thrash. Local A&E services are going to be busy tonight! With brutality at an all-time high, Demolizer butchers the airways and crushes skulls with the speedster ‘The Butcher’. Vocals are spat with venomous intent, guitars are shredded at the speed of light, and bones are broken with the bloody savagery of a meat grinder! Demolizer are at maximum ferocity, blowing everything and everyone out of their way as they hurtle across the land. ‘Crossfire’ is a torrent of terrific thrash metal, the band ignoring speed limits and evading the local politiet – “Come catch us!” screams Demolizer as they roar down the highway, leaving a trail of smoke in their wake! I’m telling ya, there’s just no way the politiet are gonna catch this band – the band’s wheels turning faster than a tiny ball of silicon dioxide! A what? A tiny ball of silicon dioxide – it’s the fastest spinning object ever, rotating at three hundred billion times per second! Or it was until Demolizer planted their feet firmly on the pedal and pressed hard!

And with no sign of the phenomenal speed dipping anytime soon, the album storms on with the fast-paced and highly ferocious ‘The Wheel’. The stunning levels of aggression and brutality are jaw-dropping, every listener everywhere constantly picking their jaw up from the floor. The savage rampage that was the band’s 2021 E.P. ‘Upgrade’, has been upgraded even more, the level of savagery tripling from two years ago. Menace, terror, and fright reign supreme as ‘Samarth’ marches in on the crest of some devastating jackhammering, adopting the classic pose of “foot on the monitor” heavy metal – but without the melodious intent! Imagine a thrash metal version of Iron Maiden, and you still wouldn’t get anywhere near the sound of Demolizer – the band perfectly melding traditional metal with thrash! At over six minutes in length, ‘Killing A Friend’ is by far and away the longest song on offer, bringing to the surface a more sedate pace and a mellowness not heard before. Yet the vocal delivery is still as rough and tough as it has always been, the band marching elegantly on. And there’s a word you won’t see or hear too much when talking about thrash metal – elegant!

After the gut-wrenching rumble of the previous song, Demolizer returns to straight-up aggressive and menacing thrash with the fast-paced ‘Day After Day’, featuring another gallop the likes of traditional metal bands would enjoy. Is Demolizer running out of energy? The nearer we’re getting to the end of the album, the less brutally savage the band’s brand of thrash is becoming. Should I worry? Nah, not in the slightest – for ‘Capital Punishment’ returns the rough and gruff aura of earlier to the fore, Demolizer moving back to the heavier end of the thrash metal genre. And despite what seemed like a lack of energy, the band have a second wind, pushing brutality back to the surface. Bringing the album to a close, ‘Warmonger’ picks up the pace and power, rampaging like the proverbial bull in a china shop, the band smashing everything and anything standing in its way. ‘Post Necrotic Human’ (the album) has continued what the band achieved with their recent E.P. – an intense venom-fuelled brutal barrage of thrash!

Overall, it is an immensely head-bangable and savage storm of aggressive and menacing thrash metal.


Post Necrotic Human
Fascist State
The Butcher
Killing A Friend
Day After Day
The Wheel
Capital Punishment

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Release Year: 2023
Label: Mighty Music
Category: Album
Country: Denmark

Reviewed by Iron Mathew for Frenzy Fire and Metal-Roos.