Demonhead: Release Official Video for Children of the Night

Demonhead have just unleashed a video for their new release Children of the Night. The song is from their upcoming album Black Devil Lies (Bonus Track Edition) which will be released on 3 April via Fastball Music.

After their debut album Bring On The Doom from 2015, Australians Demonhead again present flawless and pumping groove metal on their second album. Black Devil Lies is banging straightforward out of the loudspeakers for the listener to get a real kick out of it. It is obvious that the band has increased their compositional experience since the founding in 2007. The ten songs of the album deal with ups and downs which the band went through in recent years. Composition, lyrics and the general sound are clearly heavier and darker. Best examples are the title song as well as Eyes Of The Insane creating a terrific psychotic atmosphere. However, the band never loses their catchiness or the proverbial golden thread and gives the songs catchy choruses which singer Dave Lowes bawls perfectly to an imaginary audience.