Denouncement Pyre – Forever Burning (Album Review)

Release Date: June 17th 2022 - Agonia Records

Denouncement Pyre forever burning

Horrifying the masses with barbarism, darkness, and vitriolic hate. Melbourne’s Denouncement Pyre unleash Forever Burning their fourth release of contempt to the masses.

Forever Burning is furious, muscular, and foregoes a lot of the atmosphere that was on their last record. the exception is “Sunder the Living Temple” not a respite but a  welcome change to their all-out extreme metal assault. Representing “A homage to the triumph and tribulations of those who walk the path of fire.” The result is savage fierce and uncompromising. The blackened death metal is peppered by moments of thrashened chaos that are purely Australian. Unflinching, uncaring, and tough.

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The rhythms are fast and raw, whilst the riffing is pinpoint with its razor-like attack, the constant energy is filtered through the raw vocals of D, a celebration of freedom and power “Burn This World and Start Again” is epic whilst ‘Tongues Stretched for Salvation’ is a pure underground extreme metal that is celebratory, chaotic, and pure Denouncement Pyre.

“Forever Burning ‘’ is pure metal whilst ‘’ Hung Like Swine’’ drips with evil intent. Forever Burning will leave you numb and damaged after experiencing it. It is a record of no half measures that is part Black, Death, and Thrash yet purely metal. Unwavering in its intensity and ability to deliver determined extreme music for those who revel in it.

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Denouncement Pyre: Facebook

Release Year: 2022
Label: Agonia Records
Category: Album
Country: Australia

Reviewed by Sparky