Portuguese Melodic Death Metal band Blind The Eye announce new album “The Lion Of Lions”

Blind The Eye

When you think of music from Portugal, Melodic Death Metal doesn’t necessarily come to mind. But the band BLIND THE EYE, founded in Santa Maria da Feira in 2016, presents on their first full-length album “The Lion Of Lions” a kind of brilliant melodic death metal, which no longer has to be a purely Scandinavian domain. So it’s time for a breath of fresh air in this genre.

With their fine sense for anthems and their powerful sound, the quintet was able to leave their first mark with the EP “Tripolarity” in 2020. EL PUERTO RECORDS recognizes the talent of the Portuguese and is going to release the new album on September 30th, 2022.

Today the band present the album artwork (created by Bharaduur) and the tracklist of “The Lions Of Lions”.


“The Lion Of Lions” – Tracklist

1. The Lion Of Lions
2. Aquilifer
3. As Vesta’s Fire
4. Tauroctony
5. Mars! Exulte!
6. The Roses Of Heliogabalus
7. Crimson Duskfall
8. Imperial Thunder
9. Vae Victis
10. The Humiliation Of Charon


Blind The Eye - The Lion Of Lions