Enter Six – Dreams (Album Review)

Enter six - Dreams

Thrash band Enter VI has had their album Dreams out in the world for a long time now and this is one reviewer very pleased to finally have the chance to listen to this album. I was not disappointed. Full blitzing heavy force thrash is what is unleashed upon you. Brilliant brilliant thrash riffs are fired on you with unrelenting force traced with melody and groove that is a fantastic listening experience.

Alex Vexler and Daniel Shore are the two heroes on guitar, delivering countless thrash/groove style money riffs, that will have you headbanging away on numerous occasions. Vocals are barked out by Alex Vexler also with that very traditional thrash style. Drums are pounded out by Andrija Skocic which compliments the guitars well. Roland Juhasz makes up the other part of the rhythm section on bass guitar.
The first four tracks are the best on the album and really sell the band’s abilities and thoughts. Battle VI the first track has a real sci-fi feel to it, with some great lead guitar parts that give a meteoric feel and really break up the heavy pounding thrash sound. Day of Doom is satisfyingly heavy, a classic thrash metal song. You Know Who is probably the best song on the album, with a start of furious drums and a wicked opening riff leading into a rather catchy chorus, which is followed by a riff with a massive hook. Delicious!! Hexed is a particularly malevolent track like the title suggests. One of the very good things about this recording is there are no real weak tracks or fillers on the album, 10 tracks of honest excellent metal.

Overall this is an excellent thrash metal album even if it is a bit old now, might be something to go back and check out. I highly recommend it.

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Release Year: 2000
Label: self-released
Category: Album
Country: Australia

Reviewed by Chris Rankin