Hybrid Nightmares – Hybrid Nightmares (EP Review)

Hybrid Nightmares - Hybrid Nightmares

Hybrid Nightmares is a band from Melbourne who certainly has a love for Norse Mythology, their 5 track EP shows that this is definitely their theme and they have a story to tell. Before we get into the music I have to mention that their artwork for the EP is breathtaking and the artist should be given some recognition for it.

After listening to the first track “Emperor” I honestly thought the rest of the tracks were going to be the same but honestly, these guys try and put all their influences together going from Black metal, Traditional metal, and even Thrash Metal. Their second Track “Upon Cursed Wings” is actually quite ballady for a band like this has all aspects of a ballad emotional guitars even a quiet section of guitars. “Ashes of an Astral Winter” is the longest track on the EP and it’s a mixture of genres once again even has a spoken part which turns into a killer solo there are also two really good solo’s in this. “Mourn not the Dead” is my favorite track on the EP once again due to the mixture of genre’s and even an old school “oi oi oi” through the song. “The Killing Fields” is a good track to end everything with good tempo changes and guitar work.

Overall this EP is pretty good the vocals are good though I did find the low-spoken droning a bit repetitive and i do think their vocalist could perfect this better as he does have a good dark growl. Hybrid Nightmares I do think have a lot of creativity and diversity behind them.

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Release Year: 2011
Label: self-released
Category: EP
Country: Australia

Reviewed by Brent Logan