DUST BOLT Fuses Disco and Thrash Metal In Brand New Single “Disco Nnection”

DUST BOLTFebruary 23, 2024 will see German metal frontrunners DUST BOLT strike back with their new studio album,” Sound & Fury” via AFM Records, unleashing a record that refines and noisily redefines the band’s sound for a new era.

Following previously-released album appetizers such as the furious title track, or songs such as “I Witness”, “New Flame” and the powerful metal-meets-hard rock anthem “Burning Pieces”, DUST BOLT is premiering a music video for their new single “Disco Nnection”!

Formed in 2007, DUST BOLT have been resolute and ruthless in their pursuit of metal glory over the last 16 years. Childhood friends with a collective passion for metal in all its various forms, the quartet have established themselves as one of Europe’s leading thrash metal bands.

Written during those isolated months of pandemic lockdown, Sound & Fury represents the peak of the band’s creativity, and a major leap forward in every department. The first DUST BOLT record to feature new bassist Tom Liebing, alongside Lenny Bruce, guitarist Florian Dehn and drummer Nico Remann, Sound & Fury grew from a long period of self-reflection that began when the world shut down.

Watch their official video here:

dust bolt AC



Sound & Fury Tracklisting:

01. Leave Nothing Behind
02. I Witness
03. I am the One
04. New Flame
05. Burning Pieces
06. Sound and Fury
07. Love & Reality
08. Bluedeep
09. Disco Nnection
10. You Make Me Feel (Nothing)
11. Feel the Storm
12. Little Stone