DUST BOLT Releases Music Video For New Single “Burning Pieces”


Germany is in the grip of a musical firestorm, and the name behind it is DUST BOLT! The four-piece strikes back with their brand new single, “Burning Pieces,” giving us an explosive taste of their upcoming album Sound & Fury, due out on February 23, 2024 via AFM Records.

But that’s not all – their new track is a wild blend of thrash metal and hard rock, making the speakers rumble and hearts race.

“Burning Pieces” is a powerful anthem that showcases DUST BOLT‘s unmistakable trademark: their boundless energy and intensity. With furious guitar riffs, thundering drums, and cutting vocals reminiscent of Corey Taylor, the band proves they are in their prime, and heavyweights like Metallica should start taking notice. “Burning Pieces” will carry you away and set you on a rock-induced high. Warning: Neck pain may be inevitable!

Frontman Lenny B. comments on the new single: “We’re bursting with excitement to present our brand-new single ‘Burning Pieces’ to you. This song is a statement: Dust Bolt is back and ready to ignite a musical fire, ready to compete with the big names. It’s an explosive mix of pure energy and passion, combining our thrash metal roots with melodic hard rock elements, and we hope that fans will be just as thrilled as we are.“