EMERALD SUN: Sign Worldwide Record Deal With El Puerto Records

Emerald Sun

Piracy has a long tradition in Greece – references to it can even be found in the epics of Homer. So reason enough for them El Puerto Fleet also make itself known in these waters. With Emerald Sun they found a classic Power Metal band which musically does not deny its origins. The band has signed a worldwide recording deal.

The new album – now the fifth – will be released in early 2022 and intensively advertised with a tour. Therefore they join Geoff Tate on the 30-year Queensryche Empire Tour!

Singer Stelios “Theo” Tsakiridis is delighted: “The metal frigate Emerald Sun from Greece was looking for a label with people which bring the ship on a new course in order to enrich metalheads all over the world with their music in the future.Partners with whom you can talk about anything and find the best solutions together. Partners who believe in the band and this one support in the best possible way. The ship has found a new port.
Thank you EL PUERTO! “

Label founder Torsten Ihlenfeld explains: With Emerald Sun we welcome another classic metal jewel to El Puerto Records.
Emerald Sun combine classic metal structures with that special magic from their Greek origins that catches you under their (musical) spell like a bat out of hell. Emerald Sun literally leave you hellbound & spellbound so to say. Welcome board, guys!

Line Up
Stelios „Theo“ Tsakiridis – Vocals
Fotis Toumanidis – Bass
Pavlos Georgiadis – Guitars
Vasilis Stavrianidis – Drums